Magnétisme Kultra

Musician, Band, Producer

Saturday January 22, 2011 on Pirate Cat Radio, 8-10 p.m.

Magnétisme Kultra Radio Program

Saturday- January 22, 2011 at Pirate Cat Radio, 8-10 p.m.









Live studio set w/ Astronout at 20:30

ambient, electronica, techno







Live cafe performance by Cartoon Justice at 21:00

improvisation, experimental, noise

from Kuu: Shaman’s Joik for the Quickening Moon:

new joik5(excerpt) – unity – return
new joik4(excerpt) – complication – diversity
new joik1(excerpt) – tide – beneath
new joik2(excerpt) – urge – becoming
new joik3(excerpt) – breath – being
new joik6(excerpt) – Kuu – seg.1 – conclusion
train of thought #17
opium devolve


In studio performance by Kushalaya at 21:30

funk, hip hop, indie, lovepop, rock, soul, voodoo

“I dream of one day making land,

and planting trees on it, and eating

the fruits that grow on those trees

under the sun.  All the friendly folk

are invited.”     Kushalaya


Hosted with Live Set by Magnétisme Kultra!/artist/song_details/6498403

alternative, post industrial, soundtrack







Podcast & Playlist

Saturday January 22, 2011


05:04  Magnetisme Kultra “Album Promo” from Magnetisme Kultra / Goblin “Roller” from Roller / Parliment Funkadelic “Red Hot Mama” from Red Hot Mama / Hikashu “youcyuu” Giorgio Moroder “No Wife, No kids” from Scarface
ABBA “Day Before You Came” from New Wave 80s Vol.1 27:52  Magnetisme Kultra “the Component Community” from Magnetisme Kultra
30:07  Magnetisme Kultra “the Infrapopulation”
33:10 Astronout “BTOB” from BTOB (Single, added 01/22/2010)
Independent ( Astronout “Chelan” Astronout “Strike Fun” Astronout “Sumjum” Astronout “What Can I Do” Astronout “Love Car”
1:00:00 Cartoon Justice “Hungarian’s Socialist Apartment Complex” from Cartoon Justice (2011) on Cartoon Justice ( Abba “Yo So Soñe”  / Hikashu “びろびろ” Amanda Lear “China Town” from China Town (Single) / John Holt “Ali Baba” 1:47:00 and 1:48:55PM Magnetisme Kultra “Inracommunity” Tiny Tim “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” 1:57:00 Kushalaya “7 songs” from Freakay Kat (2011) on Kushalaya(, USA) Part 2   Kushalaya

2781 21 Street                             San Francisco, CA                           (415) 341-1199

Free Ableton Live Webinars with Laura Escudé of Electronic Creatives

January 27th, February 24th, March 24th

All at 6PM PST






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